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Helpful Painting Hacks

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Painting is definitely a skill that takes preparation, patience, and knowledge. When interior or exterior painting is improperly done, it can end up looking pretty disastrous. Before taking on a painting project, make sure you are fully prepared and up to the task. It's also best to know your limitations and hire a professional painting contractor when the job calls for it.

Here are 3 painting hacks that can help you tackle your next painting project:

Use Cardboard to Protect Flooring

The last thing you want is the paint that is meant for your walls to end up on your floors. An inexpensive and efficient way to protect your floors is with cardboard. Gather up boxes, break them down, and lay them flat over your entire floor surface to keep it protected while painting.

Use a Rubber Band to Catch Excess Drips

Prevent those pesky drips around the edge of the paint can with a rubber band. Simply place a rubber band around your paint can before you start painting. This will help to prevent drips collecting in the edges around the opening of the tin, and dripping down the sides of the can.

Deep Cleaning Paint Brushes

Paint brushes aren't necessarily meant to be disposable. They can often be used multiple times if properly taken care of. To deep clean your paint brushes, use vinegar. Vinegar is a powerful cleaner and does a terrific job of breaking down that paint and stripping it from your brushes.

Hiring a Painting Contractor

If your interior or exterior painting project is outside of your skill level or you simply don't have the time to tackle it, you may want to hire an experienced painting contractor. If you need residential or commercial painting services in the Metro Atlanta area, contact our team at PaintOvation.

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