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3 Factors To Consider When Choosing An Interior Paint Color

choosing a paint color

Refreshing your home or business interior paint color can be exciting, but choosing just the right color does take insightful thought and planning. You want to be sure the color or colors chosen create the mood, look, and feel that you intended. Often professional help can be beneficial so that you don't end up painting the same area twice to cover up a poor color choice.

Here are 3 factors to consider when choosing a paint color for interior rooms:

Choose a Color That Fits Your Decor and Furniture

You definitely want to choose a color that fits your existing color scheme. Carefully examine your current decor and furniture colors and find a matching or complimentary color for your interior paint. Place color samples next to your furniture to be sure they look good next to each other.

Decide the Emotional Effect You Want To Create

Colors effect mood, so you should decide what emotional state you want the room to reflect. Once you decide that, you can do research on colors that induce that emotional effect. From there, you can decide on shades and finishes to truly encapsulate the mood you want to inspire with your color choice.

Choose Between a Warm or Cool Feel

You will need to decide if you prefer a warm or cool feel in the room. As a general guide, warm colors typically have undertones that are orange, yellow, or red, while cool colors have undertones that are green, blue, or purple. This ties into the mood or emotional effect you want to create in the interior room being painted.

Get a Professional Painting Color Consultation

When choosing interior paint colors, you may want to get the guidance of a professional painting contractor. A qualified and experienced painter can help guide you through the color selection process and give you expert advice on your choices. If you need a painting color consultation in the Metro Atlanta area, contact our team at PaintOvation. We provide professional residential and commercial painting services in the local area.


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